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High-capacity lorries

BARS | Assistance has specialized equipment and a team of professionals to provide the following services at home and abroad to its customers.

In some cases, the BARS | Assistance experts are able to remove the damage of the vehicle on the spot, so that the customers can resume their trip. In the event this turns out to be impossible, we can repatriate the vehicle to a service station of ours or to an address designated by the customer.

In case your damaged vehicle hauls term-delivery goods, we will assist you in their transportation by our own tow truck to am address designated by you or to a secure parking space.

In case you need hotel accommodation, a taxi, or to continue your trip by alternative transport, we are prepared to assist you 24/7.

Our long-term partners are a number of local and foreign insurance and assistance companies.

For more information and inquiries, contact us at our 24/7 line: +359 888 974 275.